Approval and Grants

For every excavation, you will need to complete a Practical Archaeological Work Approval form.  Once the excavation has been approved as suitable by the Department, you will be able to participate.  This way the Department can ensure that you are attending a sufficiently well run excavation from which you will actually learn something about the practice of archaeology and not be used as mere trowel fodder.

It is also essential to remember that for every excavation you attend, you will need to bring a Certification of Practical Archaeological Work form.  This needs to be completed by the Excavation Supervisor and returned to the Archaeology Secretary, Sarah Larios, usually by the first day of the autumn semester.  This allows the Department to see that you have fulfilled the necessary requirements for your course.

Both of these forms, along with more specific regulations and requirements, can be found on the University Website at the following location:

This page also provides the information and forms needed to apply for a vacation grant to help you with your fieldwork.  It is available to all first years participating in fieldwork for their two-week requirement and any second or third years intending to take the Archaeological Fieldwork module in third and fourth year.   In theory, this should provide some money towards your travel, accommodation and subsistence while away on excavation, although it will probably not cover all your expenses.