The department is a good starting point in the search for summer dig work, especially if you want to take the Fieldwork course in your final honors year. 

Keep up to date with the departmental fieldwork intranet page for upcoming opportunities. The list tends to be updated early in semester 2, and is a good place to start looking for your first fieldwork. As they are run by the department, they focus on training students in all aspects of archaeological fieldwork, and are great for people who don’t have much experience in the field. You can find out a whole host of information on their site, including lists of recommended gear and some background reading.

Click here to be taken to the fieldwork page!

The posting of notices about archaeological projects on this website run by anyone outwith the Edinburgh University Archaeology Department does NOT imply approval of these projects for the purposes of fulfilling the compulsory requirement for practical archaeological work as part of the undergraduate curriculum. Always seek approval from the head of the department (Jim Crow) before you commit to your preferred fieldwork project. Jim Crow’s email address is if you have any particular queries.

We are not held responsible for any of the projects posted on these pages.