Departmental Projects

The University Archaeology Department staff have several projects open to undergraduates. As with other digs, you will have to seek approval from Professor Jim Crow.

The department is a great place to start out when looking for fieldwork, as they have field schools each year specifically tailored for students of any experience level, and are led by one of our own faculty members. The list is usually updated at the beginning of semester 2, and will have a whole host of useful and essential information about what to expect on excavation!

School Intranet

A list of University archaeology departments and relevant sites for fieldwork projects:

Aberdeen University
Bangor, University of Wales
Belfast, Queens University
Birkbeck College – University of London
Birmingham University
Bournemouth University
Bradford University
Bristol University
Cambridge University
Canterbury Christ Church University College
Cardiff University
Chester University
Classical Education Forum
Dundee University
Durham, University of
East Anglia Norwich University
Edinburgh University
Exeter University
Glasgow University
Hull University
Kent Archaeological Field School
Kent, University of
Leeds University
Leicester University
Liverpool University

Institute of Archaeology
Manchester University
Museum of London
Nautical Archaeology Society
Newcastle University
Nottingham University
Orkney College
Oxford University
Reading University
Salford University
Sheffield University
Southampton University
St Andrews University
Sussex University
The Open University
Trinity St David
University College Dublin
University of Central Lancashire
University of Winchester
University of Worcester
University of York